Jasmine Pearls - Communi-tea Fundraiser
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Jasmine Pearls - Communi-tea Fundraiser

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Jasmine pearls tea is a beautiful and unique tea made from the long, graceful leaves of the tea plant with slender silver buds which are hand rolled into tight pearls.  These little gems are then infused with fresh jasmine blossoms to produce a delicately perfumed tea.  Otherwise known as bliss in a cup.

Jasmine Pearls is a limited edition tea offered as a part of the
Communi-tea Fundraising Program.  All profits from the sale of this tea go to support food security projects offered through Lift Community Services in Powell River, BC.

Lift Community Services focuses on helping all people in the  qathet region by reducing social inequities and by providing support and advocacy for anyone who needs it.

Ingredients:  Jasmine Pearls Tea (Camellia sinensis).  Certified organic, kosher and fair trade.

Contains No: Dairy, egg, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Contains Caffeine.

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