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Storing Your Tea


 Tea needs to be protected from air, light, moisture and strong aromas.  When stored properly, it should stay fresh for 6 months-2 years (green and white teas generally closer to 6 months).

AIR AND MOISTURE: Choose a re-sealable foil pouch or an opaque container with a tight fitting lid.  If the package that the tea comes in is inadequate, feel free to double up!  Tea bags that come in individually foil-wrapped bags are generally safe, but those that are loose or have paper wrappers should be stored inside another container.

LIGHT:  One of the most common mistakes is to store tea in a clear glass jar (yes- I know the tea is so pretty!!).  A tin is a much better choice.  If you want to store some that you can see, take out a small amount (only a couple of serving’s worth) and store in your glass container.  Keep the rest safely stored in an air-tight tin in the cupboard.

HEAT:  Choose a cool storage area.  Avoid cupboards above the fridge or stove, or near windowsills.

STRONG AROMAS: Some of the more delicate teas should not be stored in the vicinity as other strongly scented products (such as spices, and other strong smelling teas such as Lapsang souchong).