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The 5 Senses Of Tea



  1. LOOK: Look at, appreciate and evaluate the unique appearance, shape and colour of the leaf.
  2. TOUCH: Feel the dry leaves. Are they light or soft, dense or fluffy?  Feel the clay and the glaze of the tea cup. is it smooth or rough?
  3. HEAR: Listen to the sound of the water simmering in the kettle and then as it is poured into the teapot, the sound of the teapot lid slid across the top of the teapot and the sound of the tea being poured into the cup.
  4. SMELL: Inhale the aroma of both the tea liquor and the wet tea leaves after steeping. Each should have a refreshing and enticing aroma.
  5. TASTE: The tea should be a well-balanced combination of sweet, spicy, biter and earthy. Each class of tea offers tea enthusiasts something different to savor; from sweet and light to spicy and strong or with nuances, such as woodsy, floral, kelpy, minerally, and nutty, the overall style and flavor is experienced by the palate as something unique.