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Allergy Re-leaf Personalized Tincture

Allergy Re-leaf Personalized Tincture

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Main Allergy Symptoms
Additional Symptoms

Natural allergy relief personalized to provide support for your unique set of seasonal allergy symptoms. Formulated to help reduce sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes and runny nose, with options for skin, lung or nervous system support.

Steps to Create Your Personalized Tincture:

1. Select Size (If you use it every day, 250ml will last about 1 month)

2. Select the symptom description that best describes your seasonal allergy experience

3. Select an additional allergy symptom if needed

Using these results, a personalized blend will be created to help support your unique allergy symptoms!

 Tincture are an alcohol-based herbal extract.


Each formula is unique and formulated according to your symptoms specifications.

Tinctures contain organic grain alcohol.

Preparation and Instructions

Dosage Instructions: take 4.5ml twice daily in a little water.

For prevention start using 2 weeks before the usual onset of your symptoms. Continue to take during your allergy season.


Packaged in white frosted glass bottles. The 100ml size has a rubber and glass dropper lid, while the 250ml size has a black BPA-free plastic screw lid.


Processing Time: All products are made to order. They are currently blended and packaged Wednesday-Friday, and shipped on Saturdays.

All orders received before midnight on Tuesday will be shipped by the Saturday of the same week. All orders received after midnight on Tuesday will be shipped by the Friday of the following week.

If you need your order shipped sooner, please send me a message before purchasing – I will do my very best to accommodate you!

Estimated Shipping Times:
Within Canada: 1-7 Business days
To the United States: 5-8 Business days
International: 5-12 Business days

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