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Canadian Breakfast <br> Black Tea Blend

Canadian Breakfast
Black Tea Blend


Why should Britain have all the fun?  Here's a Canadian take on an English Classic.  Makes a great cup of tea no matter what province you are in!

Lovely on its own, it is amazing with a squeeze of lemon and a hint of maple syrup!

Contains Caffeine

What Makes This Tea Amazing: This tea is made from a combination of several black teas from different areas around the world.  The diversity in origin, taste and aroma emulates the cultural diversity that we have here in Canada.  Together they create something unique and truly beautiful.

The 2nd flush Assam provides a malty, full-bodied character, while the Kenyan component adds floral-like aroma and the South Indian tea adds a slightly fruity flavour.  The Ceylon tea (from Dimula) provides a pleasantly sharp flavour while the Keemun draws everything together and adds a beautiful burgundy colour.

Although I would love to take credit for this fantastic blend, this is one of the few blends that I offer that I did not create myself.  Blending with only black teas is not my forte, but I had so many requests for a "breakfast tea" that I decided to offer this pre-blended tea (along with the Irish Breakfast tea).

 Ingredients:  Black Tea: Assam*, Kenyan*, Dimbula*, Keemun* (Camellia sinensis).

*Certified Organic (USDA); †Certified Fair Trade (IMO)

Preparation Steep 1 tsp of tea blend in 8oz of freshly boiled, filtered water for 3-7 minutes.  Add milk, lemon or sweetener if desired.

Sizes: Mini (enough tea to make 7-8 cups of tea); Small (enough tea to make 15 cups of tea); Medium (enough tea to make 30 cups of tea), Large (enough tea to make 60 cups of tea), Bulk (500g)..

Blended and packaged with love in Powell River, British Columbia by Urban Earth Teas using organic ingredients.

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