Our Story


Urban Earth Teas and Wellness provides organic, loose-leaf teas and aromatherapy products, hand-blended with love in the qathet Regional District (Powell River), BC.  Our products contain organic ingredients with no artificial flavours or additives - just exceptional tastes, vibrant colours, and luscious scents.  All products are formulated, blended and packaged by Clinical Herbalist Mara Jones.



Hi! I'm Mara. I'm a researcher, healer, mother and creative medicine maker.  I'm also the owner of Urban Earth Teas and Wellness.  More officially, I am a Clinical Herbal Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist and Integrative Sleep Coach.  (For more detailed information about my training and the other services I offer, head over to www.urbanearth.ca)

As the sole owner of Urban Earth Teas and Wellness, I create, blend and package all of the teas and aromatherapy products that are offered on this site (I'm also the official taste tester...which just might be the best part of the job...).  I also formulate all of the personalized formulas.



I first became interested in blending teas while training as a clinical herbalist. What first began as a convenient way to administer herbal remedies, soon became more of an outlet for creativity. Putting together a blend that simply “got the job done” just wasn’t enough. I wanted to create a blend that was not only therapeutically effective – but that tasted good, and looked beautiful! 

When my daughter was born, I decided to step away from my private practice for a couple of years and develop the retail aspect of my business (as this was something I could do from home). This gave me the opportunity to start experimenting with different types of teas, such as black and green teas, rooibos and maté (not to mention fruits, nuts, citrus rinds…oh my!). Having a newborn also gave me a new appreciation of caffeinated beverages….

Now that I have re-opened my practice, I have expanded my retail offerings to include other products to help support your healing journey, including aromatherapy products, supplements, and some basic wellness protocols.


MORE ABOUT MARA (the important stuff)

I'm the mother of one beautiful, thoughtful and kind daughter, an energic dog, 4 house-roosters and a very patient cat.  I love chickens, bees,  chocolate, Mr Darcy and Earl Grey tea.  I probably have a book about any topic you can think about.  My favourite movies are Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 version with Colin Firth....obviously...) and any Ghibli movie (especially Howl's Moving Castle). My family and I live on a small acreage with a coop of very spoiled chickens, 2 ducks and a couple of hives of honeybees.