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Custom Tea Formula

Custom Tea Formula


Enjoy a beautiful, fragrant and therapeutic tea blend created just for you!

This custom remedy package allows you to work directly with Mara to create a tea blend tailored to your individual needs.

Your custom tea blend will be created with certified organic ingredients using well-researched and traditional methods.

Please Note: this package is not meant to treat serious or complex health conditions. For more in-depth support, please schedule an appointment.


  • 100g Custom Tea Blend (Certified Organic Ingredients)

  • Copy of Tea Formula (with ingredient ratios)

  • Online Consultation with Mara (via email)


Once you purchase the custom tea blend package and fill out the associated form, Mara will contact you to collect any additional information she will need in order to create the perfect tea blend for your needs. Once you are both satisfied with the formula, Mara will blend and ship the tea.

If you already have a formula, or already know which ingredients you would like in your tea, please select the “Refill” option.

If in doubt as to which option suits your needs - send Mara an email at!

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