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Urban Earth Teas and Wellness

Immune Tea Mini Collection

Immune Tea Mini Collection

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A Set of 5 Mini Packages of Loose leaf Organic Tea
(Each package makes 8 Servings)

Each Collection Includes:

Allergy Re-leaf: Herbal Tea Blend for Seasonal Allergies

Cherry Cough Drop: Herbal Tea Blend for Coughs

First Aide Lemonade: Herbal Tea Blend for Sniffles and Tummy Aches

Immunitea: Herbal Tea Blend for Immune Support

Inspire: Herbal Tea Blend for Congestion and Lung Support


Certified Organic Luxury Ingredients:

Allergy Re-leaf:
An Organic Blend of Nettles, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Elderflowers, Eucalyptus and Cardamom

Cherry Cough Drop:
An Organic Blend of Licorice, Elecampane, Thyme, Ginger and Marshmallow Root

First Aide Lemonade:
An Organic Blend of Lemon Peel, Green Rooibos, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Echinacea and Marshmallow Root

An Organic Blend of Elderberries, Cinnamon, Rosehips, Echinacea, Orange Peel, and Ginger

An Organic Blend of Anise Seed, Licorice Root, Violet Leaf, Marshmallow Root and Red Clover Blossoms

Preparation and Instructions

Brewing Instructions: Steep 1 tsp of tea blend in freshly boiled (100°C), filtered water for 5–7 minutes.


The tea collection is packaged in a glossy black cardboard box, labeled with the collection name as well as tea blends contained within. Each loose leaf tea blend is packaged in a recyclable, white frosted zip pouch. Teas will stay fresh for about 6 months (longer if they are protected from light).


Processing Time: All products are made to order. They are currently blended and packaged Wednesday-Friday, and shipped on Saturdays.

All orders received before midnight on Tuesday will be shipped by the Saturday of the same week. All orders received after midnight on Tuesday will be shipped by the Friday of the following week.

If you need your order shipped sooner, please send me a message before purchasing – I will do my very best to accommodate you!

Estimated Shipping Times:
Within Canada: 1-7 Business days
To the United States: 5-8 Business days
International: 5-12 Business days

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