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Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong


Organic Chinese Black Tea

A rich and robust tea with a powerful smoky flavour (think campfire!).  The characteristic taste is derived from being roasted over a pine wood fire and can definitely be described as intense.

Contains Caffeine

What Makes this Tea Amazing:  You know how there are certain foods that people tend to either absolutely love or really hate?  Lapsang souchong appears to be one of those foods.  The flavour is most definitely intense - but to those that love it, the smoky cup of a high quality Fujian Lapsang, like this one, is second to none.

Souchong leaves, noted for their thick, rough appearance, are withered over burning pine boughs, placed in barrels covered with cloth and allowed to oxidize.  Some inferior teas are flavoured with chemicals in order to enhance the smokiness - not this one!  The flavour is 100% natural and due entirely to the drying process.

Ingredients: Organic Lapsang souchong black tea (Camellia sinensis)*†

*Certified Organic (USDA)

Preparation Steep 1 tsp of tea blend in 8oz of freshly boiled, filtered water for 3-7 minutes.  Add milk, lemon or sweetener if desired.

Sizes: Sample Size (enough tea to make 3 cups of tea); Small bag (enough tea to make 30 cups of tea); Large bag (enough tea to make 60 cups of tea)

Packaged with love in Powell River, British Columbia by Urban Earth Teas using certified organic loose leaf teas and herbs. No artificial flavours or colours, just real ingredients and amazing taste and aromas.

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