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Oh Canada
Black Tea Blend

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Oh Canada!  This beautiful tea combines a beautiful Ceylon with sweet apples and tangy cranberries.  And what Canadian-themed tea could be complete without a hint of maple? The red and white theme is continued with rosehips and elderflowers.  It's the perfect afternoon tea and makes a spectacular iced tea too!

Contains Caffeine

What Makes this Tea so Amazing: When I started putting this blend together, one of the things I was clear on was that I absolutely did NOT want to create yet another "maple flavoured" tea.  While I absolutely love maple syrup, I am definitely not a fan of fake maple flavours.  But I knew that a Canadian-themed tea had to have some sort of maple in it.  The solution?  Organic Maple sugar flakes.  It add a wonderful hint of maple flavour, a subtle sweetness and great texture.  Definitely a great match with the Ceylon.

The freeze dried apples and cranberries from Van Drunan Farms are vibrant in flavour as well as colour and the Pekoe grade Ceylon is so smooth it ties everything together.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea (Camellia sinensis)*, Dried Cranberries (Vaccinium oxyicoccos*, Dried Apples (Malus pumila)*, Rosehips (Rosa canine)*, Elderflowers (Sambucus nigra)*, Maple Sugar Flakes* 

*Certified Organic (USDA)

Preparation Steep 1 tsp of tea blend in 8oz of freshly boiled, filtered water for 3-7 minutes.  Add milk, lemon or sweetener if desired.

Sizes: Mini (enough tea to make 7-8 cups of tea); Small (enough tea to make 15 cups of tea); Medium (enough tea to make 30 cups of tea), Large (enough tea to make 60 cups of tea), Bulk (500g)..

Blended and packaged with love in Powell River, British Columbia by Urban Earth Teas using organic ingredients.